Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obambi Meets GodzillaCorp

Smashed like so many Single-Payer, Public-Option hopes, dreams of Financial Sector Regulation and End of the War (choose one or two) Celebrations.

I still prefer to believe, even in this age of mistrust and perceived betrayal of progressive values, that the realities of corporate governing have debilitated our President's actual ability to govern (in the old sense of governing when "for the people" meant something) - and his heart. It is hard to listen to the man, watch his eyes and how he is with his family and not feel that he has a very real core inside of that political exterior that actually cares about us.

The Republicans REALLY GAVE AWAY THE STORE to the multi-national private sector without even thinking twice. Our meager, merely elected President seems nearly, if not totally, powerless to address corporate malfeasance because of the enormous influence corporations now have on our government - thanks to 30 years of conservative thinking and the adoption of conservative economic principals. An abject failure and now government (and judiciary) has ceded so much power to the corporations that we may never get it back.

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  1. I agree, and only wish we had some evidence of it besides our own desires when we listen to and watch his presentations.

    If he comes out for the public option that covers everyone without insurance, we'll know that he's meant to do the right thing from the first.

    Like we had hoped when we voted for him.

    Thanks, g.