Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Night John Prine

On a weekend music bender... you bitcha


  1. You have the best music!

    Love Prine.


  2. Thanks Suzan - sometimes I think you are the only one who reads (listens to) my blog. I have been listening to John Prine for 30 years. I used to be a chef in small coastal restaurants on the coast of Maine and one of my dishwashers also was an artist and played the guitar. In the kitchen I was the director but after hours Mike was good enough to share his art and music with me. He played John Prine on an old 6 string and sounded great. Also, one of the acoustic (with electronic drum) acts - a preacher who played bars in his off time, always played "Fish and Whistle" for me at the Black Pearl. Bet you can't find a preacher to do that today!

    Been busy this week but wanted to let you know that there is a poodle in my house too - Cassie is an apricot standard who never grew up and is about the size of a large miniature. 10 years old and going strong. She's a good girl.

    Thanks Suze, you're the best. -g